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East beat productions welcomes you to the celestial, trance & dance world of composer & multi-instrumentalist, Peter Davidian. There are live shows, classical recitals, cafes, concerts, soundtracks, art gallery openings, CD's, weddings & parties with eastern world grooves, Indian classical, Sufi & belly dance music, esoteric jazz, gypsy songs & dance. Peter is at a professional level on all of the following instruments: sitar - arabo/flamenco/indian guitar - drum kit - darabuka - tabla - eastern keyboards - bamboo flute.
Soundscapes of beauty, peace and psychedelic journey. Grooving thru the stratospheres on a carpet of rhythm with tablas, darabuka's, drumkits & djembes weaving their pulse. Soaring skywards with melodies from voices, sitar & guitars, harmoniums & organs, Saxes & flutes, basses & drones.


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Welcome to the world of Peter Davidian Music